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There are many benefits to Florida Muay Thai’s group classes, but we also understand that sometimes personal training is essential to reaching a specific goal or mastering a difficult technique. When students have an instructor to work directly with them on their individual needs, they are able to make leaps and bounds in their martial arts training. If you decide to sign up for a personal training session, your instructor will create a lesson plan that is catered to your previous experience, body type, age, strengths, weaknesses, and personal objectives. With this highly individualized schedule, students will find themselves improving at a faster rate than ever before.

Improves Performance

Students at Florida Muay Thai sign up for personal training sessions for a variety of reasons. For some, personal training could include just a session or two as last-minute preparation for a big competition. For others, personal training may become a part of their weekly training schedule. Whatever you’re looking to get out of personal training, we can provide.

Florida Muay Thai is home to some of the best instructors in the business. Our staff is extremely experienced and highly accomplished in the Muay Thai, and is committed to providing professional and personalized instruction. But above all, our team is passionate about helping students reach new heights in their training.

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