I have a love hate relationship with the holidays. Wait, what do you mean that you have a love/hate relationship with the holidays? 


Well let me explain, what I mean is that I don’t hate the holidays, I just hate how all of the breaks in the week due to the holiday mess with my regular schedule. If you are anything like me then the holidays absolutely wreck your daily/weekly training and work schedule. Hey, I love having time off work, seeing relatives and spending time with the family. However, I don’t let this become an excuse to miss workouts. 

I know what you are thinking, so what’s your point?

My point being this, to be ahead of the game you must think to yourself how I can beat the game. Well… you must schedule your workouts on a daily/weekly basis. Also, factor in if you are going on vacation or staying at a relative’s home. Do not let limited or zero access to a gym stop you while you are traveling through the holidays. There are many things that you can do. You can bring a jump rope, you can do body weight exercises, just go for a jog, or if you’re feeling froggy – then sprint. Even better, you can mix all these things together and have a High Intensity workout.


If you tell yourself ehhh I will figure out my workout tomorrow or I will write it down when I exercise again or I will just start again AFTER the holidays. The problem with this is it causes procrastination. 

Again, the way to stay ahead of the game is to plan for it. Don’t let traveling or holidays be an excuse for you to miss your training and get you off track from your goals. Don’t be a statistic!

Plan your exercises ahead before the week begins so that you are more likely to succeed through the holidays and not use them as excuses to miss working out. 


As always, train hard, be a beast!