Coach Ronnie Matz

Florida Muay Thai Coach Ronnie Matz

Welcome to the Team! I am Ronnie Matz (Coach Ronnie), one of the coaches at Florida Muay Thai. I am truly a sports enthusiast with a passion for Muay Thai. I have been a member and supporter of Florida Muay Thai since 2017. During this time, I have trained to compete on the novice / amateur level. I have fought and won in both Siam Fights and Point KickBoxing. I love training both as a fighter and helping others to get fit and compete.

I truly enjoy training others and helping them work towards their fitness goals. My goal as your instructor/ coach is to offer a safe, respectful and fun learning environment. My philosophy of teaching is relaxed providing each member the needed skills, support and techniques no matter what level of experience. In addition, our goal is to build a positive training atmosphere with increasing your inner strengths, health and confidence.

When I’m not at the gym I’m at home running my telecom company with my wife and chasing after our 3 kids. We love to travel and work on house projects.